1.0.10 - Tag prefix completions: interesting. Docs?

From the 1.0.10 release notes:

New Features

Added support for tag prefix completions (137b346)

Interesting, is the functionality described somewhere?

Cheers, TW

Probably not, but it’s identical to normal text prefixes. I.e.


Okay, useful functionality, thanks.

But… to prevent regression issues (when upgrading to 1.0.10), can I escape the wildcard for literal tag searches, like this:



Or do we have to prune the input? (Replace asterisk by underscore for example).

No, you can escape just as you can escape anything, it’s safe.

Ok, let me summarize, to get this clear.

  1. If we don’t change our client code, it will cause a possible regression issue.

  2. From 1.0.10 onwards we should escape the asterisk when using FT.SEARCH if we need literal tag searches (for scenario’s where tag values can contain literal asterisks).

  3. And, since the tag parser does not support quoting (issue 26), we should double escape it.

  4. Double escaped syntax: “@tags:{foo\*}” (literal backslash, literal asterisk)

All correct?

There is no regression - using a star in the previous version would cause a syntax error if not escaped. now it will return completions.
You needed to escape it before and you need to escape it now, the only change is that now it does something if not escaped.

No code that worked before will cause different behavior.

Thanks for the clarification, fully understood now.