A numeric filter is not working with one index while is working with another same index. What could be the reason?

RediSearch Numeric filter stopped working suddenly for the one index in production. While its working in another same index in same server.

Schema is as provided below and I am trying to do filter on field ExpireAt

Schema of Index

I have already tried below queries. all providing 0 documents.

ft.search 9194_Cache “@ExpireAt:[0 inf]” Limit 0 2

ft.search 9194_Cache “@ExpireAt:[-1 inf]” Limit 0 2

ft.search 9194_Cache “@ExpireAt:[637024139268750000 637024139268750000]” Limit 0 2

For more plz visit stackoverflow query at: https://bit.ly/2PsHB1E

Can you specify the redisearch version you are using? Also if you can send us an RDB to investigate it will be great.

Dear Meir,

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

Can you provide the command to get redisearch version?

Its written in the redis log file, also ‘MODULE list’ command will give you the version.

RediSearch version 1.99.1 (Git=v1.4.2-357-ga6f101f)

You can download dump.rdb file from here :https://bit.ly/2LdLPFc


I believe I’m encountering a similar issue. When attempting to perform an “equals” query against a numeric field, I get zero results. However, I can search across a range on the same field and retrieve the document in question.> ft.search activeteams:20190730 ‘@teamID:[5278 5278]’ limit 0 1000

  1. (integer) 0> ft.search activeteams:20190730 ‘@teamID:[5000 5278]’ sortby teamID desc limit 0 1

  1. (integer) 263

  2. “testing_teamID_5278”

    1. “teamID”
  3. “5278”

Note that ft.get returns the record in question.

Performing a flushdb and rebuilding the index appears to solve the issue, albeit, temporarily.

We’re running:

Redis 5.0.7 (00000000/0) 64 bit

RediSearch version 99.99.99 (Git=v1.6.6-6-g382e216e)

dump.rdb (387 KB)

Does anyone know if this is an acknowledged bug?
I was just going to start using Redisearch in production in a similar way and it would be great to know if this was acknowledged/fixed/rejected. Or is there a workaround?

Hey Yuriy,

Happy to hear you are planing to start using RediSearch. Regarding this issue it was a bug on the forkgc and already been fixed (https://github.com/RediSearch/RediSearch/pull/1089).
It will be included in v1.6.9 which is going to be release next week.

Great to know, thank you. Will check it out next week.