A short public announcement

Hi All,

Let’s get the hard part over right away: I will be leaving Redis Labs next week, which means I will also be leaving the RediSearch project, and moving on to new adventures.

This doesn’t mean the project is ending or anything - quite the opposite. What started as a personal work project is now a full fledged team and will continue to grow and evolve the product.

The engineering side of RediSearch will be handled as of next week by Mark Nunberg, who’s been working with me on it for almost a year now, and Meir Shpilraien who recently joined the team. Kyle Davis and Tague Griffith will be helping with community and content, and more people will join our ranks soon.

I’d like to thank everyone in this budding new community for taking a chance with RediSearch and helping along the way. It’s been a blast!

The full parting words are here: https://medium.com/@dvirsky/saying-goodbye-to-redisearch-7b1f888c4059