About RedisGears

RedisGears is a pipes-like computing system in a Redis module. It provides high-level APIs using Python, and a low level api using C. It’s end-goal is to enable developers to build an operations pipe (OPP) which Redis keys will pass through. The output from the first operation will pass as input to the second operation, The output from the second operation will pass as input to the third operation, and so on. The pipe builds using a python script and then runs in background thread. When finished, the output from the last operation will pass to the user as a reply.

RedisGears (v0.9.0 Preview Release) is under active development and is expected to be released in mid 2020. Thanks to Meir Shpilraien and Rafi Einstein.

We have a rich and exciting roadmap ahead of us.

Drew Kreiger, Developer Community Manager, Redis Labs - @DrewKreiger
Pieter Cailliau, Product Manager, Redis Labs - @cailliaup