After migration redis to docker, host redis failed to start with "Failed to start Advanced key-value store"

host system ubuntu 20.04

  1. Redis host server 6.0.6 was working. was stopped
  2. Redis 7.0.5 docker was created, started, stopped
  3. Redis host server 6.0.6 failed to start. Message is at topic.
    config file was not changed
    directory and files has owner redis:redis, attr 660. /etc/redis, /var/lib/redis, /var/log/redis
    /var/log/redis/redis-server.log has no changes
    any suggestions what to do, where to look?

redis 7.0.5 docker infrequently create “RedisException: Connection timed out” to laravel. Host 6.0.6 had no such problem.
Was created redis 6.0.16 docker. Switched to it. Problem did not dissapear.
Container log is empty, redis log is fullfiled with “DB was saved”, nothing more, systemlog has no according records.
As i wrote, can’t start old host redis to see problem on host server

Hi! Thanks for your request :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Issue with redis docker should be related to access, double-check that following directories/files have correct access rights:
  • /var/log/redis
  • /etc/redis/redis.conf

If this doesn’t help, one of possible reason is incorrect IPv6 settings for server. Try to change following line within redis.conf:

bind ::1 to bind

  1. RedisException could be thrown by different reasons. Laravel uses it’s own abstraction layer around php redis client so it could be related to it. Try to reproduce issue using the same php redis client directly.

If it didn’t help, so try to add more context to logs by adding user credentials as well as other parameters host/port/scheme etc., if exception isn’t constant there could be differences in connection options for different services using redis.

Please, provide following information if information above didn’t help you:

  • Php redis client
  • Laravel version
  • Php version