Azure Redis Enterprise - Index error

I am trying to Azure Redis Enterprise database through Python, but getting error in Loading Documents into the Index.

I am getting error redis.exception.ResponseError: moved

Below is the sample code:

records = documents.to_dict("records")
    for doc in records:
        key = f"{prefix}:{str(doc['id'])}"

        # create byte vectors for title and content
        title_embedding = np.array(doc["title_vector"], dtype=np.float32).tobytes()
        content_embedding = np.array(doc["content_vector"], dtype=np.float32).tobytes()

        # replace list of floats with byte vectors
        doc["title_vector"] = title_embedding
        doc["content_vector"] = content_embedding

        client.hset(key, mapping = doc)

Hi! What version of redis-py are you using?

Hi @ckisred,

Redis 6 version in Azure and in Redis client(python library) the version is 4.5.5. Thanks