Broken formatting in docs

The Redis Timeseries module docs are a bit difficult to read because of sometimes broken list formatting (e.g. the features list).

A good case for difficult to read descriptions is the filters doc:

Thank you Thomas, The RedisTimeSeries Features section looks like it encountered a human copy-paste error (see below for correct format I’ll follow-up with our tech docs team and get that fixed.

Formatting for should be:

Read more about the v1.0 GA features here.

  • High volume inserts, low latency reads

  • Query by start time and end-time

  • Aggregated queries (Min, Max, Avg, Sum, Range, Count, First, Last) for any time bucket

  • Configurable maximum retention period

  • Downsampling/Compaction

  • automatically updated aggregated timeseries

  • Secondary index - each time series has labels (field value pairs) which will allows to query by labels

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Oh, and of course the RedisTimeSeries Filtering section you referred to too! See below. I also noticed others. We will get to those shortly.

For certain read commands a list of filters needs to be applied. This is the list of possible filters:

l=v label equals value

l!=v label doesn’t equal value

l= key does not ha * ve the label

l l!= key has label l

l=(v1, v2, …) key with label l that equals one of the values in the list

l!=(v1, v2, …) key with label l that doesn’t equals to the values in the list

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Hi both have been fixed, thanks for the submission.

In future please feel free to create a PR and request a review from me


Dave, Pieter,

thanks for the fast fix!


The filter thing is broken on It is concocted instead of broken into separate lines.