Congrats on 1.1.0 - Aggregations Support !

Awesome, thanks for all of your work.

Cheers, TW

Thanks! With all the fussing around RedisConf I kinda forgot to formally announce it :slight_smile:

So list - as of today, RediSearch 1.1.0 has a major new feature, aggregations!

Aggregations are a way to process the results of a search query, group, sort and transform them - and extract analytic insights from them. Much like aggregation queries in other databases and search engines, they can be used to create analytics report, or to perform Faceted Search style queries.

For example, indexing a web-server’s logs, we can create report for unique users by hour, country or any other breakdown; or create different reports for errors, warnings, etc.

If you’re interested, read the rest here:

Congrats. Btw, I added support for aggregations to my PHP client in this release: - I have to flesh out the documentation though.

Very cool!

The Python client also supports it