Expiring Keys in Redis Hash

I understand that expiring values is possible using normal redis string, but how about redis hash? For example, I need to expire keys that are older than a week.

you can set expiry to any Redis data types keys. below is example for Hashes

redis> HSET myhash field1 "helloworld"
(integer) 0

redis> EXPIRE myhash 60
(integer) 1

redis> TTL myhash
(integer) 51

redis> HGET myhash field1

redis> TTL myhash
(integer) 10

redis> TTL myhash
(integer) -2

redis> HGET myhash field1

Hope this helps.

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Hey @harry
remember that all redis key have the string data type, this means that regardless of the type of data that a key in redis holds (in your case a hash) because the key itself is a string, its expiration time can be specified just like you noted.