Ft.search cannot acces indexed fields (working in Python with rejson/redisearch)

I work with rejson and have created a second index (hash) for redisearch with about 41 fields (using the Python-Client for rejson/redisearch). The Iindex is automatically generated from Python.The index looks like:

→ picture 1

After storing some data (also indexed, see below), the indexed search-hash looks like:
→ picture 2

The corresponding data looks like:
→ picture 3


  • if I try to search for the index field-no 25 (name_first_pe) or fields-no above
    → picture 4

from the index (see below), it returns me nothing
→ picture 5

  • if I’m looking into the hash, all looks good (see below):
    → picture 6


  • have I to declare a specific flag?
  • how can I declare MAXTEXTFIELDS in redisearch-py? → I didn’t see any possibility, despite in a earlier try it added it automatically (but not anymore).

Hello Alexander,
Thank you for your question.
Seems the name of the field changes from last_name_pe to name _last_pe. Can that be the issue?

Hello Ariel
You’re my hero!
This was the mistake. I was searching for about 2 days!
Thank you very much…

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