Ft.search not returning proper results when value has 2 words

so we have a collection of hash as below. Sometimes the customer has 2 words first Name, for eg, “Maria Anna” or “Anna Maria”. Application users will search using the firstName and will just enter part of the first name for eg “Maria”. I want the search to just return those hash items whose names are either


ANNA MARIA should be available in the list after all of the above are covered.

    "_id": "000000",
    "firstName": "Anna Maria"
    "_id": "000001",
    "firstName": "Maria"
    "_id": "000002",
    "firstName": "Maria Anna"

FT.SEARCH collection "@firstName:maria* limit 0 10 return 1 firstName sortby fullName

What should i change in the above query to enforce that the result should return first those customers whose firstName first word is Maria or only word is Maria and then search others. not the other way around

You can explore the weight machanism. Link.

Can you post your index definition?