Golang client field to parse results


The redisearch-golang client used to work really well for me. Unfortunately, today I got weird behaviors:

  • Whenever my query produces zero result, everything is just fine.

  • However, if my query produces some results, the golang returns an error: interface conversion: interface {} is string, not []uint8

To trace the issue further, I printf out the “total” on line 309 this file: https://github.com/RedisLabs/redisearch-go/blob/master/redisearch/client.go , and I am pretty sure that my query give like 10+ results.

Is there anything wrong with the parser?


Hi, I fixed the issue by changing the file https://github.com/RedisLabs/redisearch-go/blob/master/redisearch/client.go
line 271:

Hey, thanks for the update, can you please do Pool Request for this change, we will check to make sure its not breaking anything else.

Hi, Did you mean Pull Request on github? If so then I already did a pull request yesterday.


Great, I will check it out, thank you very much.

Hi, do you have time to take a look yet? It’s been a while since I reported it.

It has another bug that the client doesn’t include payload in the Args, so the SetPayload() doesn’t do anything. Unfortunately, when I forked and fixed the first issue I didn’t created a new branch , so now I have to wait for you guys to merge my first pull request to submit a new fix on the second bug.

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