How to search by an exact text field value?

How can I specify a search by an exact field value?
For example:

> FT.ADD idx1 doc1 1 FIELDS f1
> FT.ADD idx1 doc2 1 FIELDS f1 aa
> FT.ADD idx1 doc3 1 FIELDS f1 cc.aa

This search returns all 3 documents because "aa" is recognised as a term in all of them.

FT.SEARCH idx1 @f1:aa

But in my case I may have thousands of “” and a few “aa” mixed in between them. How can I query only those where f1==“aa”?

Note that some of SQL mappings [here]( are incorrect in this sense. E.g. *@x:foo* and *WHERE x='foo'* have different semantics.

You can use Tag Field> FT.CREATE idx1 NOHL NOFREQS SCHEMA f1 TAG
OK> FT.ADD idx1 doc1 1 FIELDS f1
OK> FT.ADD idx1 doc2 1 FIELDS f1 aa
OK> FT.ADD idx1 doc3 1 FIELDS f1 cc.aa
OK> FT.SEARCH idx1 @f1:{aa}

  1. (integer) 1
  2. “doc2”
    1. “f1”
    2. “aa”


With a tag field, I guess I won’t be able to find “” (but not “bb.aa”) unless I add it as a separate “compound” tag?

Do you mean there is no other way? What is the best way to request for it to be added to the plan - create a github issue?

The point of migrating our redis search from custom indices to Redisearch was to greatly simplify the implementation of a generic search through our task queue datasets. Redisearch is pretty well fit for this purpose. If I have to use tag fields to enable certain search features on fields which otherwise don’t have tag semantics, I will be implementing low-level indexing again which defies the purpose.

E.g. some fields in our existing data contain something like “aa/bb@cc:dd”. This works perfectly with the normal text search in Redisearch. The only thin we’re missing is the ability to say “now give me records where the field value is exactly bb@cc”.


Created a GitHub issue for tracking:

You could also try duplicating the field, and setting one of them to TEXT and the other to TAG.

Since you will know from the input if the user expects exact or partial match, you can alter your search query to perform a text or a tag search.

This might get expensive if you have millions of different text possibilities. An improvement there is to hash the text to an appropriate resolution that is coarser, and do post-filtering in your code for the matches you got.


You could probably do it through the FILTER feature in FT.AGGREGATE (which can easily be ported to FT.SEARCH); however this filtering takes place at query time. I can think of some creative ways to do some ‘exact matching’ semantics at index time… for example keep track of how many terms are in each field (this would require you to remove the NOHL keyword, since we store this data for highlighting) and then compare the number of terms in the field with the number of terms searched for; if the number is not equal then it can be excluded, but as you can see, this involves something of a memory cost; and perhaps adding a new attribute (maybe call it exclusive?).

However, getting a perfectly exact match with full text search is problematic since we ignore word separators, stopwords, etc. so perhaps a tag field might be better suited for this- though again, with the adding of extra data to the document. We also have a C API (but not a command API) to allow indexing a field as both TAG and TEXT (but again, you pay for this in indexing the data twice).

Github would be a good place to discuss this further.