Hscan_iter not able to use

Hi there, first steps, very enthusiastic about Redis, but still struggling :slightly_smiling_face: I am using redis-py in Python. I have a small test Redis DB holding 3400 hashes and a single HKEYS works great.

For example:
senkeys = r.hgetall("Aldo|Preda)
will instance the senkeys variable as a dictionary of len 4 with the following content:
{b'datanascita': b'1940-06-18', b'luogonascita': b'Ravenna', b'naznascita': b'Italia', b'uri': b'http://dati.senato.it/senatore/5578%27%7D ...
Now I am trying to use the HSCAN function on the same data but it does not work.

Example →

for datanascita in r.hscan_iter("datanascita", match="1940*"): 

but it does not enter the loop at all … what am I doing wrong?