Is the data store in RedisBloom Filter distributed?

Hello everyone,My name is Michael and I have some very detail question about RedisBloom Bloom Filter,In redis cluster mode,is the data store in RedisBloom Filter distributed to all cluster node?
I've read but could not find the answer.
Looking for your reply.

many thx.

Hello Mick,

Any single filter/key is stored on a single node.

In a cluster, the filters/keys will be automatically distributed to different nodes.



Hi, Ariel:

Do you mean a single bloom filter is composed of multiple redis keys? How about the Cuckoo filter implementation?

Each bloom and cuckoo filter is one key in the redis Keyspace.
The reason why there is a need to chop down a filter into chunks is the limit redis has on returning a key larger than 512 MB.
Since a filter can be larger than this limit, there is a need to pass the user chunks.
But back to your question, each filter takes a single key.

Bloom filter or any other redis module’s data structure usually will take up a record in redis, which is similar to how a STRING record is stored.

Hence, if you have multiple keys and your redis is clustered, it will be distributed to the cluster depending on how you shard your keys.