Keyspace notification channel not listening to SET commands

Hi everyone, I am actually just starting with Redis and kind of stuck on this issue, so the issue is, I have enabled keyspace notification through redis client using the command CONFIG SET notify-keyspace-events KEA and subscribed to a keyspace channel using PSUBSCRIBE command, problem is when I am configuring it for all events it’s working fine but when I am configuring it to listen only set events i.e. CONFIG SET notify-keyspace-events KEs, it does not seem to be working, even I tried other events such as g [generic events], h [hash events], it is working for all these events but set events doesn’t seem to be working.
I have verified everything the channel name is correct, the database is correct, set commands are modifying the keys, but I am not able to figure out what am I missing here, what configuration might be affecting this.
Request if anybody could help me with this, any help is appreciable. Thanks :slight_smile:
My Redis version is:



Hi @Heena

I’ve tested this, and everything works as expected.

I’m only guessing, but have you been using the same key name and member when testing? Note that SADD will generate a keyspace notification only when you actually add new members, whereas adding the existing members won’t.