Persistence in Redis Time Series

Hi Team,
We are using RedisTimeSeries for our project.
Does this support any persistence mechanism? How do we make it work?


Yes, RedisTimeSeries supports all of the Redis standard persistence mechanism.
For more information about Redis persistence see:
If you’re using Redis Enterprise or Redis Cloud see:

I have conducted an experiment where I run RedisTimeSeries with persistence but after rebooting redis-server, I am not able to get the previous data and getting “ERR TSDB: the key does not exist” error. I see that neither dump.rdb nor appendonly.aof file is not created. Can you please help me understand if I am doing something wrong here?

Following are the steps I performed:

  1. Enable RDB and AOF persistence in redis.conf
  2. Run redis-server
    redis-server --loadmodule RedisTimeSeries/bin/ ~/redis-6.0.8/redis.conf &
  3. Run redis time series client which adds timeseries data using TS.ADD
  4. Kill redis-server and start it again
  5. Run redis time series client to query timeseries data using TS.RANGE

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