Practical limit when using ts.madd

I’m using Jedis 4.4.0-m2 and Redis Enterprise provided by Azure (Redis Cache for Redis Enterprise 12GB)

What is the (or is there a) practical limit to the number of data points one should add to a timeseries via ts.madd? My application will add thousands of data points per second so I’m batching the data up. Is sending a thousand at a time reasonable? 10K? 1M?


Not the direct answer, but you may also consider pipelining.

Sorry for the late reply:
The limits are the Redis limits:

The hard limits, such as they are, are:

  • A hardcoded 1GB for client query buffer (PROTO_MAX_QUERYBUF_LEN in server.h)
  • The maximum number of arguments is the maximal value of the int C data type, which is usually signed and 4 bytes long meaning up to 2,147,483,647.