examples for the python interface is out of date


this is a followup to my last email.

the timestamp given in the .add() command starts at 1, the initial timestame created by .create() is, I think, a unix timestamp.

and an error is returned with the message that you can’t time travel in reverse.

Also, if you/redis have more timeseries examples, for example on aggregation, compaction, and downsampling, it would be appreciated.

(when I google redis timeseries examples I get examples of hacks that done were prior to the official creation of redis timeseries)

Also, just a question - not trying to be mean, how alive is google groups, is this still actively supported? - wikipedia appears lukewarm at best on google groups.

thanks again,

bob s.

New day, got further with the example. The 2nd create() call parameter has a name change:

was: retentionSecs

should be: retention_msecs

thank you for your attention on this.

Thanks again

We should probably do more of this but meanwhile, a great place to look for examples is the file in the repository.

As for your question, .create() does not have an initial timestamp. You can test this by creating a new Time Series and then .add(ts, 0 , 3.141)