Reddis Begginer Questions from an ex Kafka User

Hi Guys,

i have some basic questions about Reddis from the View of someone how already used Apache Kafka. I’ve read alot about Redis, but i just want to check if im correct.

  1. Normal Pub/Sup of Redis is like Kafkas Messaging, but just without the Topics beeing saved. So Redis is more like a fire & forghet mode?
    while kafka pub/sup confirms the arrival (depending on the topic settings: modes fire&forghett, all have to read the topic, just one consumer has to read it, …)

  2. Redis Streams is like Kafkas Messaging with Topics beeing saved.
    And Kafaks Streams are like Redis Pub/Sub (both fire & forghett)
    Redis Streams are orderd, persisted

Ty in advnaced


At a high level, you are correct when you compare “Kafka ‘messaging’” to Redis Streams, it is a persisted logged of event.

You can find information about Redis Streams in:

PS: I am not sure to follow your thinking when you are talking about Kafka Streams. Kafka Streams is a “client library” based on Kafka to build applications/services.


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