Redis Bloom Use Cases


Could someone give me a use case for redis bloom?


As you know Bloom Filter is a space-efficient structure to see if an item has been added or not in a list.

Then some use case will be:

  • see if a user is already present in your system (login/email)
  • check if a data has been cached
  • in genetics, if a specific sequence has already been processed, or present in the database
  • in social media check if a specific resource has been viewed already by a user.
  • quickly check if a specific IP address or URL is authorized or not to access your system

All these can be done without Bloom filter on a small dataset, but if you have a very large dataset it will be more efficient with Bloom filter.

Just in case, let me share the quick introduction to Redis Bloom video by @guyroyse :

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Excellent video to get an introduction to Redis Bloom. Thanks for sharing.