redis crashed during handling concurrent requests using redisgraph:1.99.4

I’m using redisgraph to record program’s states and results, delete some nodes now and then. At first I’m using docker redislabs/redisgraph:1.2.2, as it ran, I found that the used_memory_rss_human in redis became larger and larger. I tried memory purge, and it didn’t have any effect, the only way I could do is to restart redis.
Then I started using docker redislabs/redisgraph:1.99.4, the used_memory_human and used_memory_rss_human’s figure was fine.But there was a serious problem:
While handling serial requests everything worked fine, but When handling concurrent requests, redis crashed.
Annex is the demo code that could cause this problem. (2.32 KB)

Thank you weikang,
We’ll look into it.

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