Redis Invalid GraphDef

Hello, I’m trying to store a neural network to redisAI in docker.
The neuralnet is :

class AnomalyDetector(Model):

        def __init__(self):

            super(AnomalyDetector, self).__init__()

            self.encoder = tf.keras.Sequential([

                layers.Dense(6, activation="relu"),

                layers.Dense(3, activation="relu"),

                layers.Dense(1, activation="relu")])

            self.decoder = tf.keras.Sequential([

                layers.Dense(3, activation="relu"),

                layers.Dense(6, activation="sigmoid")])

        def call(self, x):

            encoded = self.encoder(x)

            decoded = self.decoder(encoded)

            return decoded

    ae = AnomalyDetector()

    ae.compile(optimizer='adam', loss='mse')

    history =, data, epochs=15, batch_size=256, shuffle=True)

    reconstructions = ae.predict(data)

    perte = tf.keras.losses.mse(reconstructions, data)

    print("Perte min :", np.min(perte))

    print("Perte max :", np.max(perte))

    print("Perte moyenne :", np.mean(perte))

    seuil = np.percentile(perte, 99.5)

    print("Seuil :", seuil)

    print("*** Sauvegarde du modèle et du seuil ***")


The command to store the model is :

cat data/autoencoder/ip/ | docker exec -i redisai redis-cli -x AI.MODELSTORE mymodel TF CPU INPUTS 2 a b OUTPUTS 1 c BLOB

hi @cdt
RedisAI currently supports frozen graph exported models from tensorflow, so you should export your model in this format.