Redis Java client Redisson

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the Redisson to work with Bloom filiters in Java.

Is there another way to work with Bloom filters in Java, maybe a Redis Bloom module or similar??


Did you try

Are you running into issues using Redisson and the RBloomFilter interface? I guess the question is, why are you looking for an alternative?


JRedisBloom is best java client (credits @gkorland and team) for using RedisBloom filters. below is an example:

Initializing the client:

import io.rebloom.client.Client

Client client = new Client("localhost", 6378);
Adding items to a bloom filter (created using default settings):

client.add("simpleBloom", "Mark");
// Does "Mark" now exist?
client.exists("simpleBloom", "Mark"); // true
client.exists("simpleBloom", "Farnsworth"); // False