RedisGraph 200+M nodes, 1B+ relationships, slow subgraph query performance

Hi there, I’m using redisgraph to fetch relationships on a dataset (278174067 nodes, 1B+ edges). I’m querying for a subgraph and all of its connections using something like:

MATCH (n)--(m) WHERE ID(n) IN [218836039, ...] RETURN ID(m);

But when I do a where in query like this, it causes a scan across all nodes:> GRAPH.PROFILE CitationGraph "MATCH (n)--(m) WHERE ID(n) IN [218836039] RETURN ID(m);"
1) "Results | Records produced: 3, Execution time: 0.001694 ms"
2) "    Project | Records produced: 3, Execution time: 0.004458 ms"
3) "        Conditional Traverse | (n)->(n) | Records produced: 3, Execution time: 0.219874 ms"
4) "            Filter | Records produced: 1, Execution time: 30671.713618 ms"
5) "                All Node Scan | (n) | Records produced: 278174067, Execution time: 17379.285974 ms"

Which ends up being ~51.49s for one filter node id, which is too slow for my use case. Is there a way I can improve this query speed?

Thanks in advance!

Hi please see reply here