Redisgraph full text query - score based sorting of results


As per my understanding, redisgraph full text queries are backed by redisearch module. And from some other posts from this forum and other places (RediSearch SORTBY performance), FT.SEARCH in redisearch by default sorts the results in descending order of their score, though I’m not able to find it mentioned in FT.SEARCH doc (FT.SEARCH | Redis).

However, redisgraph full text query does not return results sorted according to score.

Is there any plan to incorporate built-in score based sorting in redisgraph full text search queries?

Currently I’m sorting the results with ORDER BY clause but that is running significantly slower (6-10 times) compared to similar query on neo4j, which returns results sorted by their score. So was wondering if the redisearch built in sorting would be any faster and if will become available in redisgraph.