Redisgraph use cases

Hi folks,

It would be great if you guys can share some Redisgraph use cases which you have implemented. Feel free share demo link, post, or any document which helps us get insight into it.

I would like add my two penny in this forum about RediGraph.

There are two ways to store and represent graphs:

  1. Adjacency list: It’s consists of a list of all the nodes in the graph it represents, each paired with the set of nodes with which it shares an edge (or, in other words, has a relationship with).

  2. Adjacency matrix: It represents its graph as a single, square matrix with one row and column for each node within the graph. Within this matrix, nonzero values indicate the presence of an edge between the nodes represented by the corresponding row and column.

Interesting fact:

A benchmark suggest that, because matrix representation it uses and the linear algebra algorithmics it implements, it is able to create over one million nodes in under half a second, and form three million relationships in the same timeframe.

Here is an interestimg job by KYLE DAVIS:

Multi-Model in Action: Using RedisGraph and RediSearch Together



Thank you for this article, it’s a good article to read indeed. Cheers!