RedisJSON "$.tags.*" Aggregation

I am trying to create a Facet system using an array of tags.

JSON.SET group:1 $ '{ "tags": ["tag1"] }'
JSON.SET group:2 $ '{ "tags": ["tag1","tag2"] }'
FT.CREATE groupIdx  ON JSON PREFIX 1 group: SCHEMA $.tags.* AS tags TAG
FT.AGGREGATE groupIdx "*" GROUPBY 1 @tags

The expected result is:

tag1 → cnt: 2
tag2 → cnt: 1

But I am getting only

tag1 → cnt: 2

I suspect the AGG is considering only the first item from the array.

Is there any way to achieve the expected result?

@leobispo Currently only the first value is considered by FT.AGGREGATE pipeline.