RedisTimeSeries 1.0.3 GA

Update urgency: Medium
This is a maintenance release for version 1.0.

This release improves overall stability and provides fixes for founded issues.

Main Features:

  • #143 Standard Deviation for Aggregations

  • #163 TS.RANGE and TS.MRANGE can limit results via optional COUNT flag

  • #161 Support for ARM architectures

  • #160 Optional TIMESTAMP in TS.INCRBY and TS.DECRBY
    Main Fixes:

  • #199 RETENTION is now 64bit

  • #211 write commands to return OOM error when redis reaches max memory
    Main Performance improvements:

  • 3651ef8 Do not use _union if there‚Äôs only 1 leaf in the index

  • 0a68d4e Make _difference faster by iterating over the left dict (which is always smaller)