Seeking advice on integrating Redis for session persistence

Hi Redis Community,

We are planning to update our server infrastructure by integrating a Redis instance for session persistence with our Tomcat webapp servers and would appreciate your feedback. Below is an outline of our current setup and the changes we are considering:

Current Infrastructure Overview:
– We host everything within a single Availability Zone.
– Multiple web servers (Server A and B) managed by an application load balancer.
– Four MySQL databases handle our transactional data.
– An Archive VM is used for storing less frequently accessed data from MySQL servers, ensuring operational efficiency.
– Robust offsite backups and a secondary AZ setup support our disaster recovery plans.

Proposed Redis Integration:
– To manage costs, we plan to run a Redis instance on the same OS as our Archive VM but isolated via a dedicated network interface. This setup aims to enhance webserver app performance without additional infrastructure.

Challenges and Alternatives:
– Adding Redis on the Archive VM might stress it due to its existing load. We’re considering a Redis clustered architecture with one master and two slaves for better reliability and performance.

Questions for the Community:

  1. Is it advisable to integrate Redis on the Archive VM considering the potential performance risks?
  2. Should we invest in a clustered Redis setup for better scalability and availability?
  3. Is implementing Redis clustered with Docker containers on the existing VM or dedicated VMs across AZs a viable strategy?
  4. Would orchestrating these containers with Kubernetes be overkill for the scale of our deployment?
  5. What other best practices or considerations should we factor in?

Your advice will be appreciated.
Thanks for your help!