Setting the query timeout with redisgraph.js


  1. Is it possible to set the query timeout with the redisgraph.js? I think the default is very short. seems to be like 4 seconds.
  2. While performing long-running queries, other attempts within the same application cant access the graph. Im getting RedisTimeoutException for simple CREATE queries.
    How can I overcome this?


RedisGraph doesn’t supports query timeout, if such functionality is added it is on the client side, I’m not familiar with redisgraph.js maybe @DvirDukhan can help here.

With regard to your second question, for a WRITE query to finish its execution it needs to acquire a WRITE lock, as long as there’s a READ query processing the lock can’t be acquired. this is probably why your WRITE queries are delayed.

Hi Roi,

  1. I hope Dvir can add more info about it. because I can’t really run or even try to work on performence in such case.

  2. Can I skip on the reading lock? something like read-uncommited? I dont mind getting not most uptodate data.


Hi, there’s currently a work in progress on supporting query timeout, should be finalised within a few days, please follow PR

Thanks Roi.
What about the locks? Can I do something like read-uncommitted?

The Read/Write locks are in place for data integrity and memory access safety, we can’t remove them.