Suggestions for replacing RedisGraph since it is now reaching end of life?

I am devastated to read that RedisGraph is being discontinued! I have built my whole app and stack around it because it is fantastic. I accept GraphDB adopters are thin on the ground but I have found to have RedisGraph with Quarkus plus Graphology.js plus Vue on the front end is a winning combination.

So… what else is there that can replace it that works as well?

Any help or ideas?


The team behind RedisGraph decided to take a stab at bringing this disruptive technology back to market. We plan to fork and rebrand this solution and release it as a stand alone product, following the same guidelines we have followed for the last 6 years.

  • Working in the open with the community
  • Always provide superior performance.
  • Easy to adapt

Well, that is certainly great news!!! Being able to combine a GraphDB with Full Text Searching is core to my app. Having struggled to make SQL do what I needed (well, with enough speed), coming across RedisGraph was a game changer.
Thanks for the good news!

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If you want to follow us check GitHub - FalkorDB/FalkorDB

Will do with great interest. Thanks.