Supporting languages

which programming languages does redis json support in addition to those mentioned on its page?

RedisJSON clients in this list can be found here:
Also, since RedisJSON is a Redis Module almost any client on the Redis clients list can be used to work with RedisJSON.

I would be nice to integrate the API of this module in a PHP package to improve the interaction, even if it’s already working


Sorry but I’m not a PHP expert if you’re willing to put the effort and develop such client we’ll be glad to review and publish it



I think most of Redis client libraries support executing Redis command API. you may check with Laravel other PHP clients for Redis, below is an example:

$values = Redis::command('JSON.SET', ['doc' ,'.', '{"str": "example", "int": "20"}']);

Just try it, all the best.

Echo what @suyog is saying - often time the best route to working with modules is with direct commands (and you’ll be ready for RESP3 clients).

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