Use cases in medicine


I would like to know if anyone can tell me about RedisAI use cases in the field of medicine


Hello Juan-Carlos,

You have many possible use cases with AI/RedisAI in medicine, but the one that I have personally discussed is not directly related to the “medicine” itself but to healthcare in general around fraud detection. (because you want to act as fast as possible)

You can find information about Fraud & Anomaly Detection here around fraud in insurance claim.

Maybe you can tell us more the type of application and data you are working with and we can discuss the interesting use of RedisAI.


Hi Juan Carlos,
at Orobix we have multiple use cases with RedisAI in medicine. Typically they involve making predictions on radiological data (e.g. MR, CT), where we enter with a tensor and pass it through a feature extraction network or a model of the U-net family for segmentation.
Do you have specific questions on this topic?


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I can think of few as below:

  • Personal Life coaching for health
  • Research and analytics.
  • Chatbots for Healthcare
  • Diagnostics assistance
  • Medical imaging - Classification?

also here

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