Who is your Redis provider?

  • Redis Labs (home of Redis)
  • Redis Open source
  • Azure cache
  • GCP memorystore
  • AWS Elasticache

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I am using AWS Elasticache but It has limited features. i.e. modules are not supported, Redis 6 is not available

Hi @kpbird

A good reason to give a try to Redis Labs cloud offering, that provides a Redis 6.x and modules managed on AWS (and other provider). You can test it with a free 30Mb database and use a Redis Module.



you can easily migrate to Redis Labs hosted solution in AWS (in your AWS VPC or Redis Labs infra) fully managed by Redis Labs devops.

Please let me know if you need more details.

I used redis cloud,
But google memorystore seem convinient.
could you extend what is the redis open source provider, please?

I am using Azure cache and till now everything is good


do you know that With Microsoft partnership Redis labs launching Redis Enterprise on Azure Cache for Redis. see below news:

It gives much better HA, Persistence, performance and Redis modules support, try it.


Redis Open source meaning its self managed (by user) Redis deployment. Having a Redis is easy, but building, operating and maintaining a reliable Redis service is Hard probably thats is why people choose managed services.

Exactly. Managed services make everything extremely simple and you can be up and running in very little time, but there is the added expense. From my perspective, the added expense of a managed service is well worth it.

@suyog, It great to hear the partnership between Redis and Azure Cache, as it help to make modules and performance much faster.

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