Adding values with no timestamp

Hey guys,

I already install the module, and I performed all of the commands in order to test, I really thing that this tool will be helpful in some of my current projects to measure data in time with more comfort.

I have just a simple doubt. Is there any way to ADD values with other data type different than the UNIX timestamp ? I mean if maybe I have the data in a different format, would be possible to convert it right there in run time ?


Moisés Berenguer

Currently TS.ADD only supports double values (

If you have a use case for other types please add you comment here or open a new feature request here -

Hello Moisés,
You can look at the timestamp as a value that gets higher. You can pass any integer you want as a timestamp as long as it is meaningful for you. At run time, the module makes comparison between values and doesn’t know what is their source.=