Backup for Leaderboard/Highscore

I normally use mysql. This time I started with redis. I need a highscore system, which must be fast. I decided to go with redis. I heard, that the problem with redis is, that the data is deleted after problems (or turn off) the server. So I thought about cloning the data with jobs after time to time. But I also read that there is a way to make dumps. Now I saw that Redis Enterprise (started at 7 $ p. Month) has an option for Replication (Single-AZ, Multi-AZ). Does that mean, that they clone my data and when something happens with the server they do all the stuff that it works again? And if so, is there also a way to get my dumped data via api (via cronjob) from their server? That i can be sure i have a copy? It would be a bad thing if all my highscore is gone. But I like the idea, that i dont have to develope a big workaround to use jobs to get every single update into my mysql database.

First off, Redis support persistence. When persistence is enabled the data is written to disk.

And yes, you can in addition enable backups: Back up a database | Redis Documentation Center

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Thx @KyleB That was really helpful and will save me a lot of work. I will use the redis cloud service. Seems to be the easiest way.