Can i make client 1 in server 1 talk (voice and video chat) to client 2 in server 2 using REDIS?

we are trying to build a chat solution where people can voice chat and video chat and message each other, we are thinking of using aws loadbalancing and auto-scaling, the problem here is that each client will have their own workspace, so people who use their workspace will need to be in the same server or else they won’t see or talk with each other, auto-scaling will keep spinning up instances, so my question here, if i can connect one redis server to all the servers, will my clients be able then to talk/see/voicechat with each other ?

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Can you give us more information about which information will be stored in Redis?

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If I understand you correctly do you mean you want to host separate Redis database for separate chat room/workplace?

Which Redis provider you are using?

Can you have lookup in configuration (roomid-> redis host and port details) and based on your roomid your application can connect to respective redis host?

This seems like the answer. Going waaay back for me, I had to build an online text chat service (video chat wasn’t really a thing then) and ended up have a broader dispatcher service that looked at various information and then connected the user to the correct chat stream/service. This type of method should work well for you.