Deleting a time-series and its samples

Hi there,

Looking at the RedisTimeSeries documentation, I cannot find how to remove a time-series and its samples. Is there a way to do that?

For instance, let’s say I create one or more time-series per project in a multi-tenant application. When a project is deleted, I would like to delete the time-series that are associated, including the samples.

The ideal would be to use labels for specifying what time series must be deleted. Is this possible?

(I use JRedisTimeSeries as a client)

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You can acheive it using the “standard” Redis DEL, in case you want to find the relevant key by labels you can use FT.QUERYINDEX .

FT.QUERYINDEX filter my_label=2
DEL mykey

Thanks for your help. I am in love with the Redis TimeSeries module!

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