Deleting part of telemetry posted against a timeseries

I am aware that if you want to delete a particular time series, you are supposed to use Redis’s DEL command. But that deletes the complete time series. Is there a way to delete part of the posted telemetry data (say between two timestamps) for a given timeseries?

The upcoming 1.6 (the RC should be released next week), includes the new command TS.DEL.
You can see more details in this PR: Support TS.DEL by cwr31 · Pull Request #611 · RedisTimeSeries/RedisTimeSeries · GitHub.

BTW, you can already work with the command using the edge docker tag:

docker run -p 6379:6379 -it --rm redislabs/redistimeseries:edge

Hi gkorland,

Thank you for the heads up on 1.6. Will wait for it to come.
In the meanwhile, will also try the docker approach.

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