"(error) Invalid rule type" when using FT.CREATE

Hello everyone,
I’m completely new to Redis, ReJSON and RediSearch. I’m using redislabs/redismod latest image and following the quickstart in order to get my hands on everything, but when I try the first command

FT.CREATE userIdx ON JSON SCHEMA $.user.name AS name TEXT $.user.tag AS country TAG

it outputs

(error) Invalid rule type

I’ve been searching for anything on Internet but I don’t see my error anywhere

I’ve also searched redis and redisearch code on github for this error (“Invalid rule type”), but found only

  QueryError_SetErrorFmt(status, QUERY_EADDARGS, "Invalid rule type: %s", type_str);

line here. There no “: <type_str>” in error I’m got so I’m not sure that this line about it

I hope this question isn’t a duplicate of another post somewhere. And thank you for your time!