[error] "No rule type given" when using FT.CREATE

Hello everyone,
I’m completely new to Redis and RediSearch. I am following the quickstart in order to get my hands on everything, but when I try the first command FT.CREATE myIdx SCHEMA title TEXT WEIGHT 5.0 body TEXT url TEXT, the error “(error) No rule type given” comes up.

I’ve been searching for anything on Internet but I don’t see my error anywhere.

I’ve installed everything RediSearch by following the quickstart page, and installed Redis by using the ./deps/readies/bin/getredis.

I hope this question isn’t a duplicate of another post somewhere. And thank you for your time !

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Hi @PstMrtem

Looks like you’re using the very recently released RediSearch 2.0. This is an error related to ‘following hashes’. The documentation should be updating soon to reflect this.

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Notice that the code on master branch is not the official release and is unstable. You should use either code from the official version 1.6.13 or use the docker latest (not edge).

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Thank you for your responses ! Indeed everything is fine with the stable version.

Have a great day !

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