Filters delete issue !

Basically I did, all of the steps of the quickstart guide and also read a little bit about the entire Bloom module.

But I had some troubles when creating filters with the same name, for some reason I tried that and it fails. So my question is, is there any way to delete already created filters or even better reuse them without causing any trouble ?

You can see all the process in the attached images, actually the one causing the error is the number 08. I also had to create the filter with a different name in order to be able to use it.

You’ve done pretty good job guys !!

It’s really appreciate that now this module exist, I’m sure it will be helpful in my daily basis

Thanks !

I’ll be waiting for the answer






Hi Moises,

I was confused at first too, but since BF uses the same keyspace as standard Redis, you can use DEL to delete the filter. For example:> BF.RESERVE foo 0.0001 1000

OK> keys “*”

  1. “foo”> BF.ADD foo tessa

(integer) 1> BF.EXISTS foo tessa

(integer) 1> DEL foo

(integer) 1> BF.EXISTS foo tessa

(integer) 0> keys “*”

(empty list or set)>

You’re off to a great start. Keep it up and let us know if you have any questions.