grafana interface question

HI, all,

I’d ask at the github for grafana-timeseries but I can’t figure out github 2fa, so if there is anyone cross-connected,

here’s my question:

One of the steps of the grafana-redistimeseries-master setup is to:

“point to the URL for your”

I have no clue how to do this. I see the file, but it is a file in a directory, not a URL.

Does this mean I have to run a server? What kind of server?

Thanks for any help.

bob s.

Hi Bob,

Yes, you would have to run a separate service.

You can build a docker image via the Dockerfile in the repo, but this also documents quite well how to run it without docker. How it’s all wired together (grafana, the grafana-timeseries server and redistimeseries) is explained in the docker-compose file here:

We are planning to publish this container in the near future so you would not have to build it yourself.

Does this help you forward?


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