redis streams and grafana

Hi all,

I’ve got a redis time series and am able to see it in grafana, yea me!

Now I’ve got a redis stream, a stream of dictionaries containing a mode-as-a-string element, and an associated timestamp.

Is there a way to interface a stream of python dictionaries or a component of a dictionary, in grafana, i.e. will the simplejson interface work the same way, or something else, or is this not possible?

And if this is an inappropriate question for this group, is there an equivalent redis-streams group or grafana group I can post to?

bob s.

Hi Robert,
the current implementation of the grafana plugin is a bit limited with the use of the “simple” grafana-json protocol. what you are asking is doable, but we currently investing efforts around the module itself.
If you would like to add this functionality to the grafana integration that would be great.