How to close the redisgraph connections

Hi Team,

I’m looking for a template how to close the redisgraph connection obtained from the JedisPool to handle the resource leakage. How can we achieve this on JRedisGraph dependency?

Below is an excerpt of the code that gets the RedisGraph API which is used by other classes to execute queries against the database.

public class Config {
public RedisGraph redisGraph() {
JedisPool pool = new JedisPool(new JedisPoolConfig(), host, port, timeout, password);
return new RedisGraph(pool);

We are then calling the created bean directly to send query to database, this is resulting on resource leakage

public class Util {
private RedisGraph redisGraph;
public ResultSet redisGraphApi(String query) {
ResultSet resultSet = redisGraph.query(graphId, query);
return resultSet;



Hi Banu
I prefer to handle JRedisGraph issues or bugs on GitHub. Can you please open a GitHub issue on this? Can you please provide there the leak log?