JRedisGraph implementation

I’m new to redis graph
I trying redis graph from Java application like neo4j.

But I didnt get any reference for creating sample application.
And I don’t know what were the annotations used in the entity level.

Example for MySQL @Entity
For redisdb @Redishash
For redisgraph database what I need to give?

Can anyone suggest me how to access the crud operations in redis graph through spring data jpa.
currently i created the sample application in the below link
https://github.com/RedisGraph/JRedisGraph its working fine

but i want to create nodes automatically by the entity (pojo class)

If u have any sample application link please share.

Thanks in advance.


Today Redis Graph is not yet integrated with JPA/SpringData annotations, so you have to use JRedis Graph directly for now.

Adding annotation support, and Spring integration is something that the JRedis team has in mind. The community will be happy to have you as a contributor on this :wink:

As said above, for now use JRedis Graph directly in your application.


I’ve written extensively about building commerce, recommendation POC graphs and have a sample repo that might help you. The code is presently written in Groovy, which is just an abstraction/extension of Java – types are omitted for “def” just to keep things simple, closures are present rather than functions (but they mirror the same contracts), and, in a script, the grape directives create a dependency graph and pull in maven artifacts.

The repo is: https://github.com/joshdurbin/redis-graph-commerce-poc

The graph generation script is: https://github.com/joshdurbin/redis-graph-commerce-poc/blob/master/generateCommerceGraph

And information on the posts about queries, building the graph with the POC utility and querying the graph can be found here: https://www.joshdurbin.net/tags/redisgraph/

To your original question, though, the generation of match/create statements is something handled in my code and not done at a framework level like Spring/JPA/etc… etc…