How to connect NodeJS API with AWS Elasticache for Redis

I am working on AWS elastic cache for Redis.
I have created Elasticache for Redis in the AWS. I have all the node, port and cluster information. I am looking for an example to connect and search in AWS elasticache using NODEJS API.

RediSearch isn’t available on ElasticCache. You can use it on Redis open source, or Redis Cloud Pro / Redis Enterprise from Redis Labs.

In node.js, it’s pretty trivial use any module, RediSearch included - you just have to use the redis.add_command function or a module that adds all the commands in automatically.

I can see AWS documentation its available:

Humm. I’m fairly certain that RediSearch (the topic of this group) isn’t available on ElasticCache. Are you looking for information on Redis (not RediSearch) and Node.js together? I would bring that up on the node_redis github page.