Error while adding AWS ElasticCache instance in RedisInsight


I am trying to add AWS ElasticCache instance in RedisInsight but It gives me following error

@kpbird RedisInsight is supports all Redis, including ElastiCache. you may need to check network access to Elasticache instance/port from client machine. which RedisInsight version you are using? have you tried with latest version?

@suyog I found that ElasticCache is not allow to access out side VPC. It means I need to create EC2 instance and install RedisInsight in order to access Redis

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happy to hear that you were able to identify the issue and resolve. Let us know if you have more questions about anything everything about Redis database.

@suyog @kpbird
Do you know how to use single token of sso stored in redis to connect redisinsight every time that a user login into gui? We don’t like to store redis password at connection and all users use the same login.