How to improve the performance of a Redis cluster to reduce the average response times?

I have a 5 node cluster. When I perform a load test with 100 virtual users which uses a Redis cluster, I receive an average response time of 300-400ms. What approaches can I make to Redis to reduce the latency down to 100ms?

@matt please provide a bit more details so that we can guide you through the improvement of command latency process.

  • which command’s performance are we talking about
  • what is the data size
  • whats the read/write pattern
  • have you confirmed that the DB processes are fully saturated in CPU?
  • have you confirmed that the client is not the bottleneck?
  • have you confirmed the expected network packet latency between the two/more VMs involved in this benchmark? likewise, have you measured the maximum PPS and BW of network?
  • which benchmark client are we discussing?

Hi @fcosta_oliveira, I was able to identify the bottleneck which was due to a high number of reads and writes to the same keys at the same time. Changing the approach for reading/writing keys to Redis resolved the issue for me.